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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Power of Relationships

Let's face it, we are around people a lot. Relationships with those people can either be a source of strength and joy or they can serve to hand us a miserable time. A few are simply neutral but most have some kind of positive or negative influence.

Even the bank teller, a waitress, and someone you meet on the street can have an influence on you and you have an influence on them. Have you ever met someone on the street radiating happiness and joy, saying hello to everyone, and they have not brightened your day just a bit? By the same token saying "Have a nice day" to someone who growls back "Yeah, right" leaves a very different sentiment.

Now, I'm not saying that our attitude should change because of what others do, but rather that we need to pay attention to how we engage other people all the time.

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