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Monday, January 31, 2011

Powerful Relationships

“The prayer of a righteous person has much strength to prevail when it is exercised.”

There is power in prayer! But lack of prayer is as much an act of faithlessness as is any act of disobedience. But God stands ready to stand by His promises. He desires us to ask Him, “Lord, Your kingdom come. Your will be done!”

When we see through the eyes of prayer, it influences our relationship with people.  When we see through the eyes of prayer we see people as persons. The word person comes from the Latin words per and sonare which mean "sounding through." When we see people as persons we "sound through" that outward appearance and see them through the eyes of prayer. All persons are interesting, not just the famous! No one has to fit into a preconceived mold and each is allowed to be the person God created him or her to be! We sound through the outward appearance and see the real and unique person -- the climax of God's creation -- another individual for whom Christ died. Real prayer gives us eyes to see and change our relationship to the world, time and people.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Power of Building Wealth

Leverage is the essential success principle that builds wealth. You won't get wealthy by trading time for money and you can't do it all yourself. Building wealth requires you to work smarter rather than harder by applying the following principles of leverage:

1.  Financial leverage: Develop relationships with others who God will give you favor with, so that you are not limited by your own pocketbook.

2. Time leverage: Develop relationships with Christ-centered and Kingdom-minded individuals who will volunteer their time, so that you are not limited to 24 hours in a day.

3. Systems and Technology Leverage: Develop strategic alliances who can assist you with systems and technology so that you can get more done with less effort.

4. Marketing Leverage: Develop bartering relationships with individuals connected with magazines, newsletters, radio shows and databases so that you can communicate to millions with no more effort than is required to communicate one-on-one.

5. Network Leverage: Build relationships with people who have resources and connections so that you can expand beyond your own.

6. Knowledge Leverage: Establish relationships with people who have talents, expertise, and experience so that you can utilize greater knowledge than you will ever possess.

Leverage allows you to build more wealth than you could ever achieve alone by utilizing resources that extend beyond your own, while developing relationships with people who can work with you to maintain your mission and goals. It allows you to grow wealth without being restricted by your personal limitations.

Leverage is the principle that separates those who successfully attain wealth from those who don't. It's just that simple. If you aren't using leverage then you are working harder than you should to earn less than you deserve – and that isn't going to make you wealthy.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Making The Discovery

Success is NOT PURPOSE. Many people in the world are successful and have millions of dollars but they live a miserable life because they have no purpose.

Related words destination, direction; aim, goal, mission, objective, point; ambition, aspiration; proposal, proposition the will of God is His purpose.

You were designed by God for a specific purpose. Some shorter, some taller, some skinny, some chubby, some have one eye, some have two. No matter what God loves you and will use you the way that you are.

You are not a mistake.

You have talents that came with the package. All have at least one thing that you can do better than anyone else. Use it for God's purpose
There are gifts that God has given to us to be used in the Church for God's Glory and purpose.

Your purpose defines who you are.
Your purpose will drive you. Even when you are low on gas.
Your purpose will motivate you when you feel like hanging up the gloves.

Purpose will give you determination to conquer.

How badly do you want to reach your potential and fulfill your true purpose in life? Are you hungry for Christ? It will take the passion of commitment on your part to keep growing, learning, and going forward.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pursuing Your Passion

Passion intensifies focus.

In a complex world where we're moving ahead at ".com"speed and in which we get bombarded with information, it's easy to get distracted. Passion gives people the courage to say "no" to distractions by staying focused on the bigger "yes." Passion is the magnetic force that pulls people together for a common vision or cause.

Passion unleashes creativity.

Innovation and creativity are key factors in adding value to the customers you serve. Approaching your business with a new perspective requires you to be fully awake, fully alive and fully present. Passion is what activates your mind, expands your awareness and challenges you to think outside the conventional box.

Passionate people raise the standards of performance.

Passionate people keep themselves and others accountable and tolerate nothing less than a 100% commitment. This commitment to a higher standard becomes contagious and spreads throughout the system, and eventually becomes part of a company culture. People with passion create an electric, exciting work environment that inspires and energizes others. They consciously contribute to building the kind of culture that attracts world-class people. A culture people want to belong to.

Passion conquers fear.

When your passion is greater than your fear, you develop the courage to step outside your comfort zone, risk more, fail faster and learn like crazy.  

Perhaps the most exciting benefit that comes from cultivating passion in your organization is the contagious enthisiasm it generates. Something so alive in them awakens something that needs to be alive in us.

Passionate people inspire hope and that's one of the reasons they're so much fun to be around.

How passionate are you?? ...

Dealing With Change

You need to have the know-how, or the means to facilitate the change you want. In other words, how do you go about the change you want to create? What is the process? What is your best personal strategy?

Even when you are totally committed to making a change, if you don't know 'how', it will be very difficult to follow through and achieve the result you desire.
By understanding the process of change, you can work more effectively with the process, instead of fighting or resisting it. Understanding precedes change!
Start with the end result in mind. Imagine for a moment that you already have created the change you want. What would that look like? What would that feel like? What would be different in your life? What would be the consequences of the change you made? Is this what you really want?
In order to create the best
personal success strategy for you, consider the following necessary components in the process of change: 

  • Personal qualities:
    What inner resources (skills and/or capabilities) do you already have or need to develop in order to move forward with confidence to achieve your outcome? What other resources are available to you today that you might not have thought about?
  • People:
    Who might be a good external resource for you? Do you know anyone who has already achieved a goal similar to yours? Enlist the help of friends, a support group, a mentor, or a
    professional life coach who can assist you in developing an action plan for the changes you desire.
  • Objects:
    Books you can read, equipment, audio CD's or DVD's with information you need.
  • Time:
    Do you have enough time to dedicate to the achievement of your goal? If not, how can you create more time? What will you have to say 'no' to, in order to make more time for what you really want.

Actions Action is about moving forward, one step at a time. We all have the urge to move forward in life. It is an urge to become more whole, to find more meaning and balance.   Think about the change or outcome you are committed to, and ask yourself, "What actions can I take today that will move me toward my desired goal?"

If the idea of taking a huge leap forward overwhelms you, you can break it down into smaller steps and more manageable tasks.

The larger the change in direction, the shorter the time it will take to come to new scenery. However, even the slightest change will take you on a different journey, if you persist. Focus and reinforcement are critical as you work toward your goal, because the slightest change in mindset can alter your course dramatically.

Living your life on purpose gives you clarity of vision, even when fog sets in. Living on purpose demands constant reflection about the choices you make along the road. Ignite the spark of your inner purpose and unleash the immense potential within you that will take you to unimagined heights on your life's journey!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Establishing Motivation to Power and Purpose

The motivation in Christian life is to know Christ and glory him. Don’t count work as an end of themselves.

To glorify God is to desire to make clear and visible to all people the nearness and the overwhelming power, authority and goodness of the Holy One. To accomplish this is to renounced ourselves (our pride, knowledge, privilege, rights) and aspire to glorify God.

So we have devotion each to know God. We ought to pray because we want to know him. We ought to be under the teaching of His word because we want to know Him.

This is the motivation of everything. This is what we were created for, to know God. This is our purpose in life.

If our passion is to know more Christ, Bible study and going to church service becomes important because in it we will know Christ more and enjoy Him forever. We pray because we need to talk to him. Work must not be our goal in life. It doesn’t mean we don’t have to work. What I mean is that, we don’t have to count works as worth anything compared with knowing Christ.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Purpose Development: Transform Yourself From Victim to Creator

You are given many opportunities in life to choose to be a victim or to be a creator. When you choose to be a victim, the world is a cold and harsh place. "They" did things to you which caused all of your pain and suffering. "They" are wrong and bad, and life is rotten as long as "they" are around. "They" might be one or more individuals in your family or community. It might be the terrible politicians or your boss or the evil cabal of the power elite that rules the world. Or you may blame yourself for all your problems, thus internalizing your victimization. The essence is that victims feel a need to blame someone for all their problems, whether it is themselves or others, because that someone is ruining their lives and world. And the truth is, your life is likely to stay that way as long as you feel a need to blame and make yourself or others wrong.

Those who choose to be creators look at life quite differently. They know that there are powerful individuals and groups who might like to control their lives, but they don't let this get in the way. They know that they have their weaknesses, yet they don't blame themselves when they fail. Creators feel no need to blame anyone as they know that whatever happens, they have choice in the matter. When Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. were put behind bars, they used that opportunity to meditate and pray, to write letters and books, and to inspire their communities to stand up and make a difference in the world. They prayed not only for themselves and their supporters, but even for those who jailed them and despised their work. They were unstoppable, powerful creators who continued to have a very high quality of life until the day they died.

Victims relish in anger, resentment, revenge, and other emotions and behaviors that cause others – and for some even themselves – to feel like victims, too. Creators consciously choose love, inspiration, empowerment, and other qualities which inspire not only themselves, but all around them to continually create the lives and world they want to live in. Victims and creators live in the same physical world and deal with many of the same physical realities, yet their experience of this reality is worlds apart. From the perspective of quality of life, they hardly live in the same world. Yet whether they know it or not, both victim and creator always have choice in each moment to determine the direction of their lives through what they choose to do with what they are given.
In reality, all of us play the victim and all of us play the creator at various points in our lives. Yet few people realize just how much choice we have in which role we play at any given time. One person, on losing a job or a special relationship, may feel as if it is the end of the world and sink into terrible suffering for months, years, or even a lifetime. Another with the same experience may choose to experience the grief of loss fully, yet in a relatively short amount of time move on to be a powerful creative force in their life. In every moment and every circumstance we can choose to be that creative force in our lives and world.

Investing in Your Purpose Through Worship

• God gives us EVERYTHING we need to worship and serve Him.

• God expects us to use EVERYTHING He has given us to Worship Him.

• Worship is a “do something” activity.

• Wholehearted worship produces results and half-hearted worship produces regrets. God always desired our whole hearted devotion to Him. Sin got in the way and made half-heartedness a Giant in out lives. A Giant we need to face and conquer.

• God expects us to respect the level of commitment He wants from us.

• When we do not give God our best, others will not give God their best. Leaders, if you do not give God your best, do not expect those you lead to give God their best either. Parents, if you do not give God your best, do not expect your children to give God their best either!

• When we are committed to doing our best (to defeating the giant of half-heartedness), we:

o Have the greatest influence on others

o Produce our best work for Christ

o We received God’s blessing and reward

o We live and love God with our whole heart

Monday, January 24, 2011

Unlocking Your Fullest Potential

The Word of God presents five key principles that are vital for our understanding of potential:

1.  Every person has potential -- no matter how much you may have achieved already, and no matter how old you are. There's still more God has for you to be and do!

2.  Every person has been created by God to bring Him glory. How do we accomplish that? By being the people He made us to be, as individuals and then collectively as His church, and by fulfilling His purposes for us on earth.

3.  No one can reach his potential without the Father's help or apart from our God-given talents and gifts.

4.  No person can reach her potential without factoring in the spiritual dimension associated with potential. God has not only created you with the gifts and talents to do His work on this earth, but He also has created you with the desires, dreams, and disposition to become a person with whom He enjoys fellowship and spiritual intimacy. Part of your potential lies in who God made you to be, not only what He created you to do.

5.  Only God knows the limits of your potential. You are finite and do not have the ability to fathom all that God has purposed for you No one can fully understand the depths of His love, the help that He desires to give, or the blessings and rewards that He has prepared.

A person may reach the pinnacle of a profession or be lauded as the best in the world at a particular sport, skill, or craft. You may rank at the top of any number of the world's scales or criteria of evaluation. But unless you factor God in your life and seek to love and serve Him wholeheartedly, you have not reached your full potential. You may have maximized only your outward abilities and not your INWARD attributes.

Help a SISTAH Out... Exactly What is My Purpose?

Have you ever stopped to seriously ask God about His will, plan and purpose for your life? Are you fully willing and available to receive His answers? Among the questions I ask God -- and I encourage you to ask -- are these:

  • "What do You want to do in my life?"
  • "What do You want to do through my life?"
  • "What do You still desire for me to experience?"
  • "What possibilities lie within me?"
  • "What potential lies before me?"
  • "What could I become?"
  • "What did You have in mind when you created me?"
  • "What do You desire for me?"
Only God can answer these questions. And for the vast majority of people in the vast majority of situations and circumstances, He will answer them only when asked.

Thousands of young people this very day are planning their futures -- the job they want, where they want to travel, who they want to meet, the experiences they want to have. My questions to them are: "Have you asked God what He has created you to do and be? Have you asked the Lord what He has planned and purposed for you?"

But it is not only the young person who needs to ask these questions. Everyone needs to ask God these things periodically throughout life.

We all need to ask God repeatedly and frequently, "What did You create me to do and be? What have You planned and purposed for me?"

Identity Theft: Discovering the Real You

Similar to the natural crime, many victims of spiritual identity theft are not even aware that their spiritual identity has been stolen. This kind of theft may go unaddressed for many years until they face a difficult situation and suddenly discover that their identity has been stolen in the process.InIdentity Theft: Discovering the Real You, DeMonica D. Gladney provides an inspiring and real life, first-hand account of her personal encounter with identity theft. Many years ago, an imposter secretly stole her natural identity by snatching her good name, money and credit. Simultaneously, the enemy began to subtly steal her spiritual identity by attacking her God-given purpose and destiny. Through both challenging and life-altering experiences, which occurred years after her near fatal car accident, Gladney gained a powerful revelation and insight about the keys to reclaiming one's real identity. In a unique, thought provoking approach in Identity Theft , she merges natural and spiritual identity theft together from a biblical perspective to give you a step-by-step roadmap to recover your stolen identity.

Becoming a Woman of Destiny by Suzan Johnson Cook

A practical and inspiring guide to living an empowered life-from the woman described in the New York Times as "Billy Graham and Oprah rolled into one."

 Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook-known to thousands as "Dr. Sujay" and "the Wall Street Pastor"-is one of the most accomplished and highly regarded ministers and spiritual teachers of our time. She is an in-demand speaker around the country, and continues to lead her legendary, standing-room-only weekly Wall Street lunch empowerment worship services. Her pages-long rÈsumÈ reveals that she has achieved impressive goals and overcome great obstacles.

Drawing on the lessons from her own life and the lives of the thousands she teaches weekly, Dr. Sujay offers the ideas and practices that have delivered her from pain to power in a practical and inspiring guide for women of all ages and races. She uses the biblical story of Deborah as the foundation-Deborah the judge, Deborah the prophetess, Deborah the warrior, and Deborah the wife-to show today's woman how to start winning where they are now, and how to build a life of stepping-stones rather than stumbling blocks. She distills all of these life lessons and experiences into the path of destiny for each woman-the path of success and spiritual fulfillment.

With timeless biblical principles as a foundation, as well as transformative modern-day examples, Dr. Sujay illustrates that every woman is destined for a remarkable life. In Becoming a Woman of Destiny, she explains how women can release themselves from their prisons of fear, failure, and a painful past and move forward confidently into their own greatness. Also included in this life- changing book are guidelines for creating "Destiny Circles"-powerful groups of women who come together for support, inspiration, and encouragement.

Becoming a Woman of Destiny is a groundbreaking book that will help any woman wanting to live her fullest present and future.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Challenged to Utilize the Mental and Moral Power... Get Your Copy Today of "A Woman's Journal for Joyful Living..."

Reading A Woman’s Journal for Joyful Living: Successful Steps to Holistic Health takes nerve as you come face-to-face with your own reality and make the necessary changes to put yourself on your own to-do list as a matter of priority. This kind of nerve is defined as the mental fortitude and unmitigated audacity to take control of your own life both internally and externally as you are challenged to utilize the mental and moral power within to transform your present state of mind, spirit and body into what it was originally designed to be in its best, brightest and most brilliant form.

Finding Purpose in Work... Is it a Curse?

In order to find out how to use your work to grow God’s kingdom, you have to first discover God’s original purpose for work.

What Was the First Work Assignment?

Have you ever thought about that?  Where did this whole concept of work even come from?

The very first work assignment was given by God to Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Look with me at Genesis 2:15- “Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.”  It is in this verse that we see the first work assignment. 

Why did God place Adam in the Garden of Eden? To work it.  What does work mean? Work in this verse means to cultivate, to serve, to keep.  So Adam was assigned to take care of and to keep the garden.  This was the first job assignment.

What was the original workplace environment like?  In the Garden of Eden, God provided everything for Adam.  God planted a well-watered garden for Adam to work in.  The Garden of Eden was full of water and trees and plants for Adam to enjoy.  God had provided everything for man’s enjoyment. Genesis 2:8-9 says, “Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there he put the man he had formed.  And the Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground-trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food.”  Earlier after creating Adam God said in Genesis 1:29-30 “Then God said, I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it.  They will be yours for food.”  This means that Adam didn’t have to work for food.  Food was provided to him by God.

These passages shows us three things, (1) When God gave Adam an assignment, when God gave Adam work to do, he provided Adam with everything he needed to do the work. God provided for Adam and met Adam’s basic needs; (2) As a result, in the original work environment, Adam was not working for food, clothing, and shelter.  Adam was not working to get his basic needs met; his needs were met by God; and (3) God placed Adam in this environment.  Adam was not born in Eden.  He didn’t find Eden on his own; God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden.

So why should any of this matter to you?  What does any of this have to do with you?  From these passages, from these three statements, we start to learn God’s original purpose for work.  We start to see what Adam was working for and what we should be working for.  From these passages we can learn what our true motivation for work should be.

So what was Adam working for?  If Adam wasn’t working to get his basic needs met, then what was he working for? Adam was working to serve God.  Adam was not working for himself; he wasn’t working to fulfill his needs.  Adam worked to serve God.

Adam worked for God in order to serve God and accomplish what God wanted done in the earth. Adam was not working to meet his own needs but to accomplish God’s will in the earth.

So the purpose of our work, the work that we complete here on Earth is to serve God by accomplishing the work that God want done on this earth.  We are to work in a way that serves him and glorifies him by displaying his nature and character.

Article by Angela Carter, Christian Career Coach & Speaker.  Her passion is to help every Christian finish the work that God has called them to do so they can hear the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Visit Angela online at

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is unique in its relevancy!

It almost always deals with nobler causes, higher issues and better things.

It is one of the most positive things that a man can do. While we might discuss burdens or plead for needs, the very fact that one is praying is a positive position whereby one believes that Almighty God will lift those burdens and meet those needs. Those praying are always the better for it.

Prayer is unique in its successes!

Who has been able to measure the multitude of times that Almighty God has intervened in some mysterious way, changed directions down which some lonely soul was headed, delivered some hopeless wanderer from their alley of despair, humbled the arrogant, struck down the haughty and the insolent so that they cried like a baby with shame and remorse and in repentance?

Who can measure the lame that are walking, the sick that did not die, the diseased who overcame or the weary and depressed who were lifted up in testimony to prayer's success.

A. Prayer may not always change the problem but it will surely change our perspective of the problem.
    1. Problems seem wrong, contrary, against us and very harmful.
    2. Perspective reveals them to be corrective, strengthening and personally beneficial.

B. Prayer always changes things, but it also changes people.
    1. Those that are being prayed for seem to change.
    2. Those that are doing the praying are equally being changed.

C. Prayer which solves problems enlist divine intervention and Almighty God moves in mysterious ways and problems are solved.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

" I Motivate Me" by Angela Tezeno

Here's How You Create the Life You Want...

You Start with Organizing Your Life. When you organize your life you wake up each morning with intention, inspiration, determination and motivation. Most people need a bulldozer to get them out of bed in the morning, but not those who apply these vital steps.

There are 3 Major Parts of Organizing Your Life:

1. BEFORE YOU ORGANIZE--Re-claim Your Passion and Purpose
2. ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE--Create a Life Plan (life a map) to Fulfill your God-given Purpose
3. STAY ORGANIZED--Add Your Life Plan to Your Daily Agenda
Use your Gifts and Talents to Create the life you really want…Use the “Total Life Organizer” to actually LIVE the life you really want!

Angela Tezeno, M.Ed, CCLC  Author of Total Life Organizer Life Purpose Coach
President of I Motivate Me International

Great Design Requires a Strong Vision

What you see in your life depends on what you consciously focus on, in the same way that what you hear depends on what you listen for. When you change the dial on your radio, you'll hear a different tune. Are you dialed in for what you really want in your life?

The law of polarity teaches us that everything we experience in life is never neutral; it is both positive and negative.

When you focus on the positive, you allow yourself to see more because you will focus on possibilities rather than necessities. You will see opportunities that would have otherwise passed you by! Always remember that opportunities are never lost; they're just found by someone else.

The way you see things determines your outlook in life. Your world is a mirror and the reflection you see depends on the person you are. Focus your energy on the positive side of life because it is only there where you can truly make a difference.

To your success!

Excerpt from

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boost Your Confidence

Write a list of your top seven qualities. These are what make you unique. Carry these around with you every day and read them to remind yourself who you are and what makes you special.

Think about the times in your life when you’ve been successful at something. Write a list of all of these and remind yourself how you did this and how great it felt when you’d achieved your goals. Use this past experience to fuel your self-belief and confidence for achieving your goals in the future.

Keep a tally of how many times you speak negatively about yourself. This will ensure that you become acutely aware of how many times a day you tell people or yourself that you aren't any good.  This will be a real eye-opener for you, which will lead you to decrease the frequency of this external negative dialogue.

We can help ourselves by looking at others in a constructive and positive way rather than negatively comparing ourselves with them. Look at others with a glowing self-confidence and notice their characteristics. Pick up words and body language that they use and add them to your own repertoire.

Being able to accept, believe and feel good about compliments is crucial to cultivating a high level of self-confidence. The best way to accept compliments is to look the person in the face, smile and say ‘thank-you’. This will in turn also make them feel good. Looking embarrassed or looking down at your feet and feeling uncomfortable will also make the person giving the compliment uncomfortable – no-one wins in that situation!

Using positive affirmations every day is really effective as you’re talking to your subconscious where all your negative thoughts are stored. Pick three strong statements, which literally make a negative self-belief into a positive one. Say your positive affirmations out loud while looking in the mirror as this makes them stronger because you’re connecting with yourself.

We all have an irrational and rational voice. Use constructive questioning on yourself to ensure the irrational voice gets less airtime than the rational voice. Keep practicing this, as it will give you an overwhelming sense of control over your negative inner voice, which is invaluable in many situations in life.

Take time out to nurture yourself. Eat well and drink less alcohol. Go to sleep early and exercise. This indicates to yourself that you’re worthy of being cared for. Remember you deserve to take care of yourself and be taken care of!

Use the eight tips and your self-esteem will skyrocket too!

Rebekah Fensome is an accredited Life Coach and writer. She has run a private coaching practice in London for the past four years. You can visit her website at

Dealing with the Stress of Power and Purpose

"Fear less, hope more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours." ~Swedish Proverb

What do anxiety, worry, pressure, nervousness, tension, and panic all have in common? The answer is that they are all synonyms for FEAR and result in stress.

Anxiety and Stress

These two words are often used interchangeably, but they are subtly different: anxiety expresses uneasiness of mind whereas stress is more properly associated with our physical responses to fear or the demands we place upon ourselves to perform in difficult circumstances. Whatever the cause, stress can have a detrimental effect on our health.

Whether you consider yourself to be suffering from high levels of stress or you're sick of feeling anxious, the solution is to understand the causes and their effects. Only then can you learn how best to deal with the anxiety and stress effectively.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gift Fraud... Don't Catch a Case with Misuse of Power!

Now ...there were three archangels in heaven.  Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer.  To be straight, they were God'z top dawgs.  Each was in charge of a particular area of heaven, but none of them were in charge of God.  It was all good for these three, they had it going on.  I mean...they worked for the Maker and Creator of the Heaven and Earth.  It don't get any sweeter than that.

Now one of Godz' boyz.....The archangel Lucifer, blew his ownself up, thought he was all that and well you know.....Lucifer was all filled up in pride, you couldn't tell him nuthin.  I mean it was true, he was large in the kingdom of God....but he wasn't God......

Lucifer got himself so messed up, that he not only convinced himself, but a posse of angels too.  Now you know it is down right crazee, Lucifer was think that he could roll toe 2 toe with the Almighty God.  But this is what happens when you start smelling yourself....

Tru...that his gifts were special....but that didn't make him equal with the One who gave him the gifts.  He took what God gave him, to bring glory to God and used it to try to spotlight himself.

Keep'n it real...when God gives you a spot in His kingdom and gifts to carry out His purpose and honor Him, thats' what they are to be used 4.  But if you use it for something else, He aint glorified.  He gets no honor when you do or say something that is against His character then try to claim He is all on it.   It'z like catch'n a case ...for a crime u didn't commit.

Living the Dream of Power & The Media

If you're on the internet, you have to know PR Marketing Coach Pam Perry who presents a wealth of information to assist in performing your own marketing efforts.  Below is a recent e-mail she sent to assist in living your dream by walking in Power and Purpose and marketing that dream:


I"m going to provide you with ten tips that can help you brand your company name, increase sales and build a loyal fan base.

1.) Find out what people most want to know. Consumers go online to ask questions about products and services. Check out Yahoo answers, forums, and other Q&A hot spots to spy on your target audience and see what concerns or questions they have so that you can provide the answers.

2.) Blog frequently using strategic keyword text for maximum "find-ability." Use a keyword tool to download a list of phrases your prospects are using to find products or services in your niche. Use these in your blog titles, web content, and elsewhere to ensure that when they type the phrase into Google or Bing, your site or blog has an increased chance of coming up as one of the top 10 results. Blogging frequently helps Googlebots identify you as an authority figure, and it makes customers want to check back frequently to make sure they don"t miss anything.

3.) Tweet throughout the day and reply to your followers. It only takes a few seconds to put together 140 characters and hit the Tweet button and it allows you to generate new interest in your business to millions of potential customers each time you do it.

4.) Initiate and participate in discussions on your Facebook Fan Page. Some entrepreneurs launch a
Facebook Fan Page, post their site link information, maybe their telephone number, and abandon the page from that point on. Your fans or followers want interaction! Visit the discussion page often to make sure conversations aren"t awaiting your participation and if there aren"t any, start some!

5.) Showcase real stories from the company or from customers. Personalization is important when it comes to using social networking sites online. People like to hear real stories so tell them yours from the company perspective, or ask customers if you can share their stories. Why do you think so many weight loss products include "real life success stories?" Because people want to relate to the person using the product before they buy it themselves.

6.) Use a multi-pronged approach to your media. Don"t just type on your keyboard. Text socialization is fine, but there"s so much more you can do to really develop an online personality for your business. Ask customers to submit questions and then create an audio file they can listen to on your site or download where you"re talking. Or, interview an expert in your line of business and record it for an audio lesson they can download.

7.) If bad press gets out there, don"t hide from it. Whenever you start socializing online (and maybe even before), there will be some people you just can"t please and who will talk negatively about you. Don"t engage in a flame war. Instead, reach out to the customer to see how you can make it right "" and do this publicly wherever the bad press was so that it shows you"re not hiding from a problem.

Give more than you plan to take.

This is a good rule of thumb to remember. Don"t sell, sell sell. Instead, give away freebies, poll your customers for their opinions, provide advice consistently. This is all fostering good will with people who may later buy what you have to offer.

9.) Ensure that your audience sees you as a cutting edge company. Watch the news. Create a Google alert for your niche so that whenever groundbreaking news occurs, you can blog about it and capitalize on it with your customers who will come to perceive you as a company that stays on top of things.

10.) Make viral opportunities available in ample amounts to your customers. Whenever you"re using social media, you want to encourage a viral response. For a blog, for example, make sure you have a widget that has all sorts of social networking site buttons so that your reader can share your blog post with one click of a button.

Don"t wait until you have everything perfect for your website. You can start socializing immediately with a
free Twitter account, free Facebook Fan page, free blog, and more. It won"t cost you anything but time, and the rewards that your company will reap will have an everlasting effect on your business.

Need help with all this? Want some personal training? 
See or
Take the PR Boot Camp.

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Make this year YOUR best year. Do what you have to do to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Pam Perry, YOUR PR Coach
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Monday, January 17, 2011

LIVE THE DREAM by Walking in Power & Purpose

Today, as we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. first we would like to thank God for the life of Dr. King, and what He used him to do, so that we could be where we are on this very day.
As The SISTAHS Ministry International celebrates the 5th Year, we wanted to take a moment to honor him, with five of his quotes which embody Power and Purpose:

We encourage each of you to continue to LIVE THE DREAM by walking in Power and Purpose…!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Struggle to Power and Purpose

Each day our lives enter the unknown. Many of the events are shrouded in darkness and uncertainty. Moreover, important decisions need to be made. Trials occur that defy explanation. Burdens are heaped upon our backs. Events transpire that can affect our future. People, finances and health rarely go in a way we had expected or desired. Even Jesus said each day has enough troubles of its own. But did He forget to mention the troubles from yesterday and the anxieties of tomorrow? Life can be overwhelming. We know all about worry. We know all about stress. We know all about fear. We know all about hopelessness.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." (Proverbs 3:5-6).

We are called to submit to His leading. We are called to realize our hopelessness and trust Him.  The need to trust God is one of the most basic and fundamental tenants of the Christian faith. We are saved by trusting God and we persevere and succeed in the faith by continued trust in Him.

God wants us to realize that our thinking and reason is flawed. He wants us to realize that our emotions and feelings are often contrary to His will. He wants us to realize that when we lean on our own understanding we neglect the life of faith in utter dependence on Him that He desires. 
Other times we may make the right decision and diligently seek to honor the Lord with our lives only to find out things don’t evolve the way we expected. In these cases we too must continue to trust the Lord and lean not on our own understanding.

Just because we are to trust the Lord in everything, it doesn’t mean that we are to not make any decisions. We dare not to lean on our own understanding, but as verse 6 declares, we are to lean on Him. We are to acknowledge Him an all our ways. God is not calling for an anti-intellectual or anti-emotional faith, what He is calling for is for our will to be submitted to His.  We are called to acknowledge God in all of our ways. In all of our planning. In all of our thinking. In all of our dreaming. In all of our activity. In all of our spending. In all of our decisions. The small as well as the great. The personal as well as the corporate. The temporal as well as the eternal.

Only when we believe God will make our paths straight, despair gives way to joy, worry gives way to faith, anger gives way to love, gloom gives way to hope and suffering gives way to abundant life.

He is a God who is always with us. He is a God always worthy of our praise. He is able to make straight paths for those who trust Him, acknowledge Him and lean not on their own understanding.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Juggling Not-So-Perfect, Often Crazy, But Gloriously Real Lives

If you’re living a perfect, charmed life . . . well, then this book isn’t going to be for you. But if, like the rest of us, you are at times broken, confused, lonely, or scared—if you’re struggling with problems that you think “good Christians” don’t have—then welcome, girlfriend, and pull up a chair! This quirky, friendly, and gut-honest devotional comes straight from the heart of Ellen Miller (CEO, marketing executive, mom, and unapologetic “glorious mess”). Despite the serious struggles she’s faced, Ellen today lives a life of profound joy, and The One Year Book of Inspiration contains 365 days worth of the principles and philosophies that have gotten her there. You’ll find there’s no subject she’s afraid to tackle! Her quick, daily doses of encouragement will make you laugh, give you something to look forward to each day, help you to stay (somewhat!) sane … and remind you that you’re never alone.

How to Start Your Own Business with Retail Coach Tonja Ayers

Do you want to start your own business? Do you have any idea how to get started? Well, this book is for you! Thousands of Americans will decide to start their own retail business this year. Many people dream of becoming their own boss however most do not possess the knowledge necessary to do so. "How to Start Your Own Business" provides you with 10 key steps to starting your own business.

Creating a Vision for a Life of Power and Purpose

It is vital to direct our gaze away from our problems and inabilities. To create an inspired life vision we must develop an acute awareness of the possibilities that lie within us. Until we do this, our potential remains dormant. It is necessary to learn to transform limiting beliefs and behavior patterns, as well as how to overcome difficult life situations and problems, not as ends in themselves but as a part of the process of self-creation. It is shifting our basic attitude toward life from problem-solving to vision-creating. It requires us to let go of the deep problem-oriented programming of our culture and accept the belief that we can and will create the life we want.

Reasons why we don't have what we want:
We are not yet clear about what we want; or
We have not yet learned the proper methods of creating it.

We are most willing to release old beliefs, emotional pain, and other baggage when we have a clear vision of what we will replace it with. The clearer the vision, the more we will be attracted to it, and the less we will need to hold on to self-limiting beliefs. In order to create anything you must have a vision of what it is you want to manifest. The more definite and clear the vision, the more definite and clear the manifestation. Creating a vision for your life requires a willingness to explore and discover what's important to you, not somebody else.

A visualization is a mental image or picture of what you want to create in your life. Some people find that they are more attracted to images than words because an image is more emotionally appealing. Others feel more comfortable working with the words of an affirmation because words can convey an idea more specifically.  You must see the possibility clearly in order to move toward it.

1. When you see your mental picture you feel so excited that you want to bring it into your life immediately.

2. Create a simple mental picture which is meaningful to you, something that creates a moment in time. 

3. See yourself happily enjoying whatever it is that you have mentally created. Allow yourself to feel the satisfaction and fulfillment of your accomplishment.

What manifests is what we really believe, not what we would like to believe. Until our self-limiting beliefs are made conscious and transformed, they will continue to get in the way and inhibit our ability to create what we want. We must create space in order for the new to come in.

Excerpt from

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Speaking With Power

Ability to display (James 3.2)
The tongue has the ability to show everyone what you are really made of. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. If you are able to control your tongue it is a significant sign of maturity.

Ability to direct (James 3.3-5)
The tongue has power to direct us toward or away from God. Life is the presence of God. Death is the absence of God. Something as seemingly insignificant as our tongue can change the course of our life and the lives of others.

Ability to destroy (James 3.5-6)
James is saying the tongue is like fire. It only takes a small spark to light a gigantic fire that can destroy everything in its path. Gossip is a dangerous spark. Someone said gossip is spreading the truth about someone’s faults or failings. It is so easy to spread gossip under the pretense of ministry and prayer, carelessness, callousness, Christ- less comments lead to destruction.

Simple words can assassinate reputations. Simple words can permanently rip relationships.

Ability to develop
Words can be encouraging, enabling, equipping, edifying.

Allow Jesus to control your tongue then you will communicate the good news, glorify God, and edify His body.

Purpose Has Purpose


Motivate you. – 3:8
Jeremiah 9:23-24KJV

Keep your priorities straight. – 2:21, 1:20-21, 2:11-15
Galatians 6:14KJV

Develop your potential – 4:13
Isaiah 40:29-31KJV

Give you ability to live in the present – 1:6, 4:11-12
Help you evaluate your progress – 3:13-14

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Are You God's Secret Weapon?

The first instance of spiritual warfare recorded in the Bible is an encounter between a woman and the devil—and on the heels of that ill-fated meeting, God decreed that the woman and her offspring would oppose the evil one forever. The role of women in society and in the Church is, even today, hotly debated. In Women: God’s Secret Weapon, Ed Silvoso dares the Christians everywhere—men and women--to the battle against the Kingdom’s true enemy: Satan. In this edition, which includes a brand-new study guide, Silvoso (founder of Harvest Evangelism) persuasively presents the Bible’s portrayal of women as powerful adversaries of the devil should inspire men and women to work together for the evil one’s defeat.

Gathered together in the Bahamas for their annual one-week reunion, four close couples eagerly reconnect, sharing news about their lives and relationships. But their intimate week in paradise is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of Sheila’s ex-husband, Mike, who hopes to break up her new marriage with Troy and win her back. The others soon realize they too are not immune to the challenges of commitment and fidelity. Angela doesn’t believe her husband, Marcus, can be faithful now that he’s a celebrity television newscaster. Dianne and Terry’s relationship is feeling the strain of raising children. And Patricia, a successful self-help psychologist, must finally reveal the deep flaws in her seemingly perfect marriage to Gavin. With their relationships hanging in the balance when they return home, each couple must choose between blame and forgiveness, doubt and faith, with life-altering consequences.

Sometimes You Can't Be Normal and Have Power and Purpose

When you look at the concept of being “normal” what you are referring to is someone that fits into the “norm,” which means the majority of people. For some reason, people have a tendency to look at other people and think they are the ones that are not normal. However, it isn’t the other person that isn’t normal. There is a good chance that you are the one that isn’t normal.

Being normal actually isn’t all that you might think. Normal means that you fit in with the average person. It finally dawned on me when I was thinking that someone wasn’t normal that in reality I was the one that wasn’t normal. If you look at someone and think they are not normal, chances are you are the one that isn’t in step with the majority of the world.

The fact that you read something every day to help you improve your life isn’t normal. I tried for years to be normal which means I tried to fit in and be like everyone else. The only thing I ever accomplished was frustrating myself and amused my friends who knew I didn’t have a chance at being normal. I learned the hard way it is much more satisfying to just be yourself. I am not saying it is easy not to fit in, there are advantages to being normal, but living your dreams, taking risks and being yourself aren’t any of them.

Shake Things Up, Rearrange the Furniture

It isn't natural for things to stay the same. Life is in constant flux, and things are always moving around except when it comes to furniture. People seem to think that, once a room is arranged in an acceptable way, it has to stay that way forever. Not true. Once in awhile, shake things up by moving the furniture around. This will help to move the energy in the room and will keep things interesting.

Moving the furniture helps to fire up my creativity and keeps energy from stagnating. I also know that I have a favorite way of arranging the furniture, which doesn't necessarily mean it is the best way. It is just the way I prefer. Rearranging the furniture helps to keep me open to new ideas and possibilities. And, if I don't like the way the new arrangement turns out, all I have to do is rearrange it.

You may find it tempting to fill space with stuff, but I fight the temptation and try a more airy design for now. The energy will feel more alive and inviting.  It is easy to get in a rut and stick with what is familiar. Once in a while, shake things up by moving the furniture around. It might seem odd, but it does help to get the creative juices flowing and stir up the energy. It is also a risk-free change. If you don't like it, you can always rearrange it, again.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Empowerment of Purpose

Sometimes it can be difficult to connect with what you most desire to bring into your life for the New Year, and this can become frustrating. Give yourself permission to release the struggle of not knowing or feeling unclear about your goals and shift your focus inward. Long lasting change starts on the inside. When you shift your focus and go within, your goals will naturally unfold and they will be aligned with your most authentic self.

Go inward now and answer these two powerful and empowering questions:
  1. What are your strengths? Make a list of them. How can you better utilize your strengths to create a happier, more joyful and successful?
  2. What personal qualities are a little weaker that you would you like to strengthen?
As you begin to get clear on how you would like to strengthen yourself from the inside, it’s as if you are brightening your internal light.  As your light shines brighter, you’ll find that you are attracting opportunities and resources that support your desires.

Be more bold, courageous and fearless – do not let fear hold you back.
Be more honest with yourself about your needs and desires.
Become financially responsible and independent.
Be adventurous and have more fun – let go of reservations and unnecessary stressors.
Be proactive rather than reactive.
Be grateful.
Be active in telling yourself you really want.
Be conscious about setting boundaries with yourself and others – say no.
Be consistent, confident and focused on your top three priorities.

Excerpt from 

Power in "Focus"

The power of focus with commitment and consistency creates momentum; and momentum creates more momentum.

The actions we take in life not only bring success but also teaches us new ways of being in the world. For example, if we are expanding ourselves to grow our business, receive and be open to love, create a deeper level of intimacy in all areas of our life, we become more courageous.  The more bold action we take the more comfortable we become in our own skin. Being comfortable in who you are allows you to experience life from a different perspective.

In order to meet goals and keep creative juices flowing, learn to focus time and attention on only the activities that will bring the desired results. This means if you want to have more fun, grow your business, lose weight, or improve your relationship with yourself, but find yourself distracted (wasting an outrageous amount of hours on Facebook, for example), then it’s time to bring the power of focus into your life.

The power of focus is the secret of success. This means bringing your attention to your center, concentrating on one thing intently in order to gain clarity. When you teach yourself to focus on one goal or opportunity at a time not only will you be much more productive, you’ll feel like a million bucks and will also go more deeply into your present goal. You will bring forth your own inner wisdom and insight.

Distraction blocks creativeness and your inner greatness from emerging. It’s hard to focus or even complete what you set out to do when you are highly distracted.

Answer the questions below with Yes or No.
  1. Do you generate so many new ideas that you never implement, or don’t finish one idea to completion?
  2. At the end of the day you feel as though you haven’t accomplished anything meaningful towards your most heart felt goals?
  3. Does your website or brochure describe so many services that it confuses your potential clients?
  4. Do often wonder where all the time has gone?
We are all creative beings and it makes complete sense for us to want to pursue many paths at once. However, when we expend our energy in too many directions it weakens the power of focus. Is there a project, goal or opportunity that is in need of your devoted attention?

Excerpt from