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Monday, October 17, 2011

(#PowerandPurpose) Attracting Other People with Your Purpose

When you have  a clearly defined purpose for your life, the amazing thing is, when you know where you’re going, other people want to come along.  You’ll find that other people want to jump on your bandwagon, other people want to help.  The world is looking for people of purpose.  You’re an example.

When Troy started MCC in 1968 he was very clear about what MCC was to be and, over the years, others have come along and joined him in offering a church home which does not discriminate.

Nothing is quite as powerful as a life lived on purpose.  If you want to look at the people who have made the greatest impact in this world, they weren’t the smartest or the wealthiest or the best educated.  The people who’ve made the greatest impact are those people who have purpose and passion.  They have a purpose that they feel passionate about.  Another word for that is conviction.  Conviction rules the world.  The people who have had the deepest convictions for right or for wrong are those who have made the greatest difference in this world.  They have believed what they’ve believed.  They had a purpose that they were passionate about.  The world follows people with a purpose.

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