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Monday, March 26, 2012

#PowerandPurpose ~ The Manifestation of Success

Do not worry that believing in your dreams will turn you into an unpractical, dreamy sort of person. Let them motivate and inspire you, and you will become a more practical and successful person.

Whenever we experience success, we enjoy a great exhilarating feeling. By capturing and reliving this feeling you can turn it into the seed of a new success. If you think about something that you really want to realize, and at the same time you consciously generate this feeling of success in your consciousness, and stay with it, you can achieve wonders. This is the magic wand with which you can do magic and wonders.

If you examine your ambitions, desires and goals in a very sincere way, you may discover to your amazement that you have some fears of realizing them. You want something, but yet you are afraid to have it. You may wish for a different kind of life, but in your subconscious mind you fear the change. You may desire to get married, but you are afraid of marriage. You want to change your job, but you are afraid to make the change. This is because the familiar gives security. You can find many examples like these.

When you have a goal, and at the same time you experience doubts and fears, you are actually driving away the materialization of your dreams. It is like sailing against the wind and the currents; you are pushed back all the time. These fears hide at the back of the mind, and you may not be conscious of them. Analyzing any desire you have, and trying to find out if there is any resistance to bringing it about, will bring the fears into the open, and enable you to throw away your fears and inner brakes.

When you focus your consciousness on success, and fill it with the feeling of success, things start happening.

When the certainty of success is saturated into the consciousness, you have a great power in your hands. Success consciousness means that you are certain of your success without doubts. Like the story about the faucet, you should have no doubts that you are going to get what you are thinking about.

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