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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Flow of God's Power in Your Purpose (#PowerandPurpose)

If we would see the power we must secure the presence of Jesus.

Mary & Martha knew that. When their brother Lazarus died they called for Jesus. They knew that if He was present God’s power would flow. But Jesus arrived late, and Lazarus had already died. Remember what Martha said? "If only You had been here..." SHE KNEW THAT WHERE JESUS IS THERE IS POWER. (Her problem was that she saw Jesus as the God of YESTERDAY - "if only You had been here". Jesus said that Lazarus would live again. Martha replied - "Oh, I know he will live again in the resurrection." To her Jesus was the God of yesterday and of the dim distant future! But Jesus said to her: "I AM the resurrection and the life, he that believes on Me though he be dead yet shall he live." Friends, Jesus is THE GOD OF TODAY!

If we can but secure His presence. GOD’S POWER FLOWS WHEREVER HE IS PRESENT.


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