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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Faithful, Focused and Fearless

Faith is needed in facing life, trials, and setbacks.

If you could know the truth about successful people, the fact is they failed many more times than they succeeded. They learned from their failures, they found different ways to accomplish their goals, they didn’t give up when it would be easy to.

The same applies to the many victorious Christians that became "pillars of faith". They had their moments of doubt, their moments of discouragement’s, their many setbacks. There key is to never give up on God and move closer to him with faith.

Even during our moments of doubt, the effort and discipline of faith allows us to grow.

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Rev. Dr. Browning s newest book will inspire your spirit, calm your fears, and help you live a life that is empowered by faith. Her lessons provide the guidance you need to live your life to God s honor and glory, and to reap the benefits of his promises to you. --Dr. Dorothy I. Height, Chair/President Emeritus, National Council of Negro Women

There comes a time when everyone must fight for their future. Dr. Jo Ann Browning presents a prolific power tool to help all of us fight the good fight of faith - and win! This is a must read. --Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

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