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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Encouraging and Increasing Faith

In Coffee with God, Melisa A. Smith skillfully combines devotional writings and letters that will encourage and teach readers important lessons that can be applied to anyone's life. This book helps readers learn that they must rely on God and allow Him to help them in the various storms and trials of life. Smith believes that spending time with God on a daily basis can be as simple as a person sharing their coffee time with Him.

Through the pages of Coffee with God, Smith addresses issues such as fear, weariness, relationships, and purposeful living. This book, which is the first in a series of writings, encourages individuals to begin an intimate relationship with God.

In 'Cause God Promised, Melisa Smith presents a wonderfully written short story about trials and victories that people oftentimes experience while waiting on the fulfillment of God's promises. Smith's story follows the life of Alex Johnson from childhood to adulthood, a failed marriage to a cocaine addict and the near loss of her daughter, to finally learning to trust God and then receiving her promise. Throughout this journey, Alex learns that what God says He will do will certainly come to pass in time.

'Cause God Promised will build faith and determination in readers who are striving to press towards the manifestation of God’s promise for their lives.

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 Melisa began writing books and plays as a young child and recognized her connection with a loving and patient God very early in life. She created and published quarterly newsletters for the Texas Youth Commission (Mart campus) and Texas Association of Community Development Corporations.  Over the years she has written for state agencies and nonprofit organizations.  She speaks as an expert in the areas of grant writing, nonprofit start up, juvenile justice, and most importantly, God’s Word.  She is co-owner of Smith & Dunn LLC Creative Writing and Publishing, a Christianity writer for, Executive Director of Open Hearts Open Hands Ministries Inc. and volunteers with Epiphany Youth Prison Ministry. She believes the entire Bible and puts forth great effort to live it and to help others do the same.  A native of Beaumont, TX she currently resides in the Houston, TX area.

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