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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Power of Change and Redeveloping Purpose

When it seems that everytime you have something bad happen in your life have you questioned the Lord and His incredible love for you?  “Why God, why?” you may ask.  “Why would you do this to me?” And “How could this possibly be good?” may run through your mind.  Everytime though, the change that may be feared so much and that you may rebuke the Lord for, might just be for the better and it's possible you could learn something about yourself, your faith, your love for others and/or your selfishness within. 

The truth is, without the hardship and struggle, there wouldn't be defining moments, or accomplishments.  There wouldn't be thankfulness for blessings and there would be no value of our Lord and His eternal love and commitment.  There would be no need to draw close to our Lord, as He wants.  There would be no guidance for a path to walk, because there would be no consequence, nor reason to change.

Change is inevitable.  God changes us and our surroundings for reasons only He knows but through it all, He never abandons us.  Only the Lord has the power to reverse events and He knows us more intimately than anyone.  The why is not always for us to know; What we do about it is.

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