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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creating a Vision for a Life of Power and Purpose

It is vital to direct our gaze away from our problems and inabilities. To create an inspired life vision we must develop an acute awareness of the possibilities that lie within us. Until we do this, our potential remains dormant. It is necessary to learn to transform limiting beliefs and behavior patterns, as well as how to overcome difficult life situations and problems, not as ends in themselves but as a part of the process of self-creation. It is shifting our basic attitude toward life from problem-solving to vision-creating. It requires us to let go of the deep problem-oriented programming of our culture and accept the belief that we can and will create the life we want.

Reasons why we don't have what we want:
We are not yet clear about what we want; or
We have not yet learned the proper methods of creating it.

We are most willing to release old beliefs, emotional pain, and other baggage when we have a clear vision of what we will replace it with. The clearer the vision, the more we will be attracted to it, and the less we will need to hold on to self-limiting beliefs. In order to create anything you must have a vision of what it is you want to manifest. The more definite and clear the vision, the more definite and clear the manifestation. Creating a vision for your life requires a willingness to explore and discover what's important to you, not somebody else.

A visualization is a mental image or picture of what you want to create in your life. Some people find that they are more attracted to images than words because an image is more emotionally appealing. Others feel more comfortable working with the words of an affirmation because words can convey an idea more specifically.  You must see the possibility clearly in order to move toward it.

1. When you see your mental picture you feel so excited that you want to bring it into your life immediately.

2. Create a simple mental picture which is meaningful to you, something that creates a moment in time. 

3. See yourself happily enjoying whatever it is that you have mentally created. Allow yourself to feel the satisfaction and fulfillment of your accomplishment.

What manifests is what we really believe, not what we would like to believe. Until our self-limiting beliefs are made conscious and transformed, they will continue to get in the way and inhibit our ability to create what we want. We must create space in order for the new to come in.

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