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Monday, January 10, 2011

Empowerment of Purpose

Sometimes it can be difficult to connect with what you most desire to bring into your life for the New Year, and this can become frustrating. Give yourself permission to release the struggle of not knowing or feeling unclear about your goals and shift your focus inward. Long lasting change starts on the inside. When you shift your focus and go within, your goals will naturally unfold and they will be aligned with your most authentic self.

Go inward now and answer these two powerful and empowering questions:
  1. What are your strengths? Make a list of them. How can you better utilize your strengths to create a happier, more joyful and successful?
  2. What personal qualities are a little weaker that you would you like to strengthen?
As you begin to get clear on how you would like to strengthen yourself from the inside, it’s as if you are brightening your internal light.  As your light shines brighter, you’ll find that you are attracting opportunities and resources that support your desires.

Be more bold, courageous and fearless – do not let fear hold you back.
Be more honest with yourself about your needs and desires.
Become financially responsible and independent.
Be adventurous and have more fun – let go of reservations and unnecessary stressors.
Be proactive rather than reactive.
Be grateful.
Be active in telling yourself you really want.
Be conscious about setting boundaries with yourself and others – say no.
Be consistent, confident and focused on your top three priorities.

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