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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is unique in its relevancy!

It almost always deals with nobler causes, higher issues and better things.

It is one of the most positive things that a man can do. While we might discuss burdens or plead for needs, the very fact that one is praying is a positive position whereby one believes that Almighty God will lift those burdens and meet those needs. Those praying are always the better for it.

Prayer is unique in its successes!

Who has been able to measure the multitude of times that Almighty God has intervened in some mysterious way, changed directions down which some lonely soul was headed, delivered some hopeless wanderer from their alley of despair, humbled the arrogant, struck down the haughty and the insolent so that they cried like a baby with shame and remorse and in repentance?

Who can measure the lame that are walking, the sick that did not die, the diseased who overcame or the weary and depressed who were lifted up in testimony to prayer's success.

A. Prayer may not always change the problem but it will surely change our perspective of the problem.
    1. Problems seem wrong, contrary, against us and very harmful.
    2. Perspective reveals them to be corrective, strengthening and personally beneficial.

B. Prayer always changes things, but it also changes people.
    1. Those that are being prayed for seem to change.
    2. Those that are doing the praying are equally being changed.

C. Prayer which solves problems enlist divine intervention and Almighty God moves in mysterious ways and problems are solved.

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