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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gift Fraud... Don't Catch a Case with Misuse of Power!

Now ...there were three archangels in heaven.  Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer.  To be straight, they were God'z top dawgs.  Each was in charge of a particular area of heaven, but none of them were in charge of God.  It was all good for these three, they had it going on.  I mean...they worked for the Maker and Creator of the Heaven and Earth.  It don't get any sweeter than that.

Now one of Godz' boyz.....The archangel Lucifer, blew his ownself up, thought he was all that and well you know.....Lucifer was all filled up in pride, you couldn't tell him nuthin.  I mean it was true, he was large in the kingdom of God....but he wasn't God......

Lucifer got himself so messed up, that he not only convinced himself, but a posse of angels too.  Now you know it is down right crazee, Lucifer was think that he could roll toe 2 toe with the Almighty God.  But this is what happens when you start smelling yourself....

Tru...that his gifts were special....but that didn't make him equal with the One who gave him the gifts.  He took what God gave him, to bring glory to God and used it to try to spotlight himself.

Keep'n it real...when God gives you a spot in His kingdom and gifts to carry out His purpose and honor Him, thats' what they are to be used 4.  But if you use it for something else, He aint glorified.  He gets no honor when you do or say something that is against His character then try to claim He is all on it.   It'z like catch'n a case ...for a crime u didn't commit.

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