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Monday, January 24, 2011

Help a SISTAH Out... Exactly What is My Purpose?

Have you ever stopped to seriously ask God about His will, plan and purpose for your life? Are you fully willing and available to receive His answers? Among the questions I ask God -- and I encourage you to ask -- are these:

  • "What do You want to do in my life?"
  • "What do You want to do through my life?"
  • "What do You still desire for me to experience?"
  • "What possibilities lie within me?"
  • "What potential lies before me?"
  • "What could I become?"
  • "What did You have in mind when you created me?"
  • "What do You desire for me?"
Only God can answer these questions. And for the vast majority of people in the vast majority of situations and circumstances, He will answer them only when asked.

Thousands of young people this very day are planning their futures -- the job they want, where they want to travel, who they want to meet, the experiences they want to have. My questions to them are: "Have you asked God what He has created you to do and be? Have you asked the Lord what He has planned and purposed for you?"

But it is not only the young person who needs to ask these questions. Everyone needs to ask God these things periodically throughout life.

We all need to ask God repeatedly and frequently, "What did You create me to do and be? What have You planned and purposed for me?"

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