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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Steps to Power and Purpose in Business

Here are some personal success tips to begin marketing yourself like an expert:

1. Go for it. If all you do is dream up marketing schemes, you’ll miss the opportunities to implement them. Instead, create one solid marketing plan and stick to it. Tweak your tactics according to your results.

* A marketing plan generally includes several marketing techniques, so choose several of your best ideas and start implementing them today. The faster you get out there and start “peddling” your business, the sooner you’ll begin to increase your revenue.

2. Exude confidence. When you’re confident, people tend to trust your professionalism more than someone who seems timid and unsure of himself.

* Present yourself with poise, and ease. Always maintain confidence in the offerings of your business and your ability to succeed as an independent professional.  This is the trait that has allowed you to be successful in your career job, the same is required as a solopreneur.

3. Test different techniques. Spread your marketing efforts across a number of different strategies. If one or two tactics are less successful, the success of other marketing efforts will keep your business afloat while you determine what gives you the best results.

* To mitigate risk of a failed marketing plan, diversify.  Choose both short and long term marketing strategies for optimal results.

4. Network like a pro. Jump at the opportunity to attend networking events related to your industry. It’s one of the best ways to find clients and make industry contacts that may hire you at a later date or recommend you to their colleagues.

*Free isn’t always key.  Be willing to spend money on conventions or events that provide opportunities to connect with a roomful of your target clientele.  Just one new customer or potential high level jv partner alone can enable you to earn back your investment and then some.

5. Be consistent. Marketing your business is an ongoing task that should be addressed regularly throughout the year. The more you market your business, the more you increase your exposure, make a name for yourself , and meet your financial goals.

* Marketing is to your business what food is to the human body; without it, it’s impossible to survive.

Use these personal success strategies to get out there in a BIGGER way.

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