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Monday, January 24, 2011

Identity Theft: Discovering the Real You

Similar to the natural crime, many victims of spiritual identity theft are not even aware that their spiritual identity has been stolen. This kind of theft may go unaddressed for many years until they face a difficult situation and suddenly discover that their identity has been stolen in the process.InIdentity Theft: Discovering the Real You, DeMonica D. Gladney provides an inspiring and real life, first-hand account of her personal encounter with identity theft. Many years ago, an imposter secretly stole her natural identity by snatching her good name, money and credit. Simultaneously, the enemy began to subtly steal her spiritual identity by attacking her God-given purpose and destiny. Through both challenging and life-altering experiences, which occurred years after her near fatal car accident, Gladney gained a powerful revelation and insight about the keys to reclaiming one's real identity. In a unique, thought provoking approach in Identity Theft , she merges natural and spiritual identity theft together from a biblical perspective to give you a step-by-step roadmap to recover your stolen identity.

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