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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sometimes You Can't Be Normal and Have Power and Purpose

When you look at the concept of being “normal” what you are referring to is someone that fits into the “norm,” which means the majority of people. For some reason, people have a tendency to look at other people and think they are the ones that are not normal. However, it isn’t the other person that isn’t normal. There is a good chance that you are the one that isn’t normal.

Being normal actually isn’t all that you might think. Normal means that you fit in with the average person. It finally dawned on me when I was thinking that someone wasn’t normal that in reality I was the one that wasn’t normal. If you look at someone and think they are not normal, chances are you are the one that isn’t in step with the majority of the world.

The fact that you read something every day to help you improve your life isn’t normal. I tried for years to be normal which means I tried to fit in and be like everyone else. The only thing I ever accomplished was frustrating myself and amused my friends who knew I didn’t have a chance at being normal. I learned the hard way it is much more satisfying to just be yourself. I am not saying it is easy not to fit in, there are advantages to being normal, but living your dreams, taking risks and being yourself aren’t any of them.

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