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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Living Life on Purpose

We are all created to live life intentionally, with purpose, with passion and with vision.
Just imagine getting to where you want to go.
Just imagine becoming all you were meant to be
Just imagine finding restoration and purpose in life.
Just imagine living a life with passion, intention and joy.
Just imagine partnering with someone who cares about you
Just imagine hurtling obstacles that block your road to success
Just Imagine . . .

I learned that even though fashion changes, there are certain color combinations that always look good together - whatever the styles - and some classics will always dominate in specific occasions. These facts are timeless. I look good now, no matter what the situation. 
The way you dress is part of your business body language and your business savvy.
Do you know that business attire differs according to region?
Do you know that a woman should not wear a business suit to a business dinner?

Do you know which color combinations make a positive impact?

Dress with Purpose gives women the polish needed to make a powerful statement of class and savvy and who they are as they climb the ladder of SUCCESS in business or Society.

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