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Monday, January 24, 2011

Unlocking Your Fullest Potential

The Word of God presents five key principles that are vital for our understanding of potential:

1.  Every person has potential -- no matter how much you may have achieved already, and no matter how old you are. There's still more God has for you to be and do!

2.  Every person has been created by God to bring Him glory. How do we accomplish that? By being the people He made us to be, as individuals and then collectively as His church, and by fulfilling His purposes for us on earth.

3.  No one can reach his potential without the Father's help or apart from our God-given talents and gifts.

4.  No person can reach her potential without factoring in the spiritual dimension associated with potential. God has not only created you with the gifts and talents to do His work on this earth, but He also has created you with the desires, dreams, and disposition to become a person with whom He enjoys fellowship and spiritual intimacy. Part of your potential lies in who God made you to be, not only what He created you to do.

5.  Only God knows the limits of your potential. You are finite and do not have the ability to fathom all that God has purposed for you No one can fully understand the depths of His love, the help that He desires to give, or the blessings and rewards that He has prepared.

A person may reach the pinnacle of a profession or be lauded as the best in the world at a particular sport, skill, or craft. You may rank at the top of any number of the world's scales or criteria of evaluation. But unless you factor God in your life and seek to love and serve Him wholeheartedly, you have not reached your full potential. You may have maximized only your outward abilities and not your INWARD attributes.

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